#3StepsToday – I should leave more comments if I want more comments

Batman and Robin disagree on curation


Note: This article is published on the Hive blockchain here: CTPTalk.com – Rob.

I cover this more extensively below in step 3 today, but writing comments is the hidden gem of curation that we can all do.

By leaving comments instead of just posts, we build our brand and breathe life into the posts of thers. Let’s get to it. 🙂

With that, here’s….

My 3Steps.Today:

  1. Check on my referrals and reach out via messaging system in CTP.
  2. Consistency with emails is key. Keep sending and testing with List Nerds.
  3. Watch Plus 1 Success Day 8 Video: “Content Creation”

That’s it. Let’s get going!

Recent referral on CTP platform. Wonderful!

1. Check on my referrals and reach out via messaging system in CTP.

I enjoy getting new referrals (who doesn’t!) and I am glad that there’s a built-in messaging system within CTP that allows me to reach out to new referrals.

I got a new referral today, so I use the CTP Messaging platform to reach out. Typically with new referrals I give them choices on how to get help:

  • Reach out on Telegram
  • Watch the videos on CTP
  • Reach out to me personally

That way no matter what, they can reach out and try to get help when they’re stuck. That helpfulness by the CTP Tribe is well known. I am trying to pay that forward.

2. Consistency with emails is key. Keep sending and testing with List Nerds.

I have a confession: I am not the most consistent when it comes to sending out emails.

What makes this worse is that since I am upgraded at List Nerds, there’s a feature at the upgraded level where you can write your emails in advance and have a week’s worth of emails in the queue that go out consistently week after week.

I should take advantage of that feature. I have been much better about consistently sending out my emails, both at List Nerds and on other mailers I use. List Nerds just has the feature to make it easy.

3. Watch Plus 1 Success Day 8 Video: “Content Creation”

What’s the best way to build your personal brand online?

By commenting AND creating content.

Recently I’ve heard the message loud and clear that it’s not just content creation that counts. It’s commenting as well. The logic goes something like this:

– Imagine you created a post on the Hive Blockchain. Excellent!
– Imagine everyone on Hive does the same. Wow!

End result? We have a ton of new content, but no comments or upvotes.

See? Everyone created content and no one commented. Yawn.

It’s the curation and commenting that makes a good post come alive.

Have you ever looked at the list of posts available to read and choose the one that has the highest number of comments? I know I have. It’s our nature. We want to know what the crowd is gathered around for.

It’s the same on Hive blockchain.

Therefore as marketers, it benefits us if we comment on other people’s posts.

It engages. It draws people toward us. It makes Hive come alive.

It doesn’t have to be a work of art when you comment. Be active. Engage with something meaningful.

By content creation, commenting, and curating (upvoting) other’s posts, we all win.

With that, have a wonderful day. Go start promoting your online business with the new tools you now have in-hand.

That’s it! Cya tomorrow. Please reach out to me if you have questions.


## P.S. One last item:

I have created a 30 day free email course on the #3StepsNoExcuses journey mentioned above, and I’d really like to hear what you think about the content. You can sign up by clicking this link and then confirming your email address. The course lines up with the daily steps, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, I’ve created an account on Hive blockchain called @ThreeSteps. It’s a curation account that upvotes quality content on the blockchain. Mention this account in your post and I’ll swing by and take a look. This is a community tool to increase earnings of people who write good content. I will specifically look for and upvote # 3StepsNoExcuses and # 3StepsToday posts first. I upvote quality content, and stake 100% of the Hive, CTP, and #leo this account earns. That way votes from this account increase as fast as possible.

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