Day 2 of ctpcontent and I already see results on Twitter

Twitter Screnshot August 17 2021

Day 2 of the #ctpcontent challenge and I already see results on Twitter

Alright. It’s Day 2. What’s changed?

Me. I’ve changed. How?

I do fun metrics and IT by day and marketing by evening. Christian, minister, husband, father, content and affiliate marketer.
I write copy for blogs n emails.

  • Changed my website URL to 3Steps.Today

Sometimes just doing the basics of a little account refresh makes you feel better about the account. In this case, I added a new photo as well since the one I was using was 10 years old. I don’t look like that now. Instead, Twitter now has:what you see above.


Plus, just be engaging and posting, I’ve netted 2 additional followers. Since my goal is 100, 76 is a good spot to be this far out. Maybe I underplanned how I can blow this up….

OK, those are my results on Twitter. For the remainder of today’s post, let me lay out my plan per the #transparent plan. 🙂

For reference, my original post is in my footer. 🙂

Step 1: Review Plan of Attack and Today’s Calendar. Think.

Today’s Action Step works for me –
“Email broadcast BOTH adboards.”

Here’s a little background info to help y’all in the back:

I own two separate adboard services that I use as lead magnets to draw people to my autoresponder lists.

It’s HIGHLY effective, since I give away free ads. My target market is other marketers that need more traffic to their offer or site. Everything I do is targeted to these folks and how I can help them improve their craft as marketers.

To make the free ad worth it, I purchase decent quality traffic that I send to my adboards. I roughly split the traffic straight down the middle and send half to one adboard and half to the other.

Since this is a 30 day challenge, I am going to be leveraging my two mailing lists (with adboards as lead magnets) and growing my lists.

Therefore today’s step is for me to write something I can use for both lists that will help me grow as a marketer.

Since I am wanting to use ctptalk, twitter, and, I need to pick ONLY ONE of those as the promopull link to pull people from my lists onto my social platforms.

Since I just updated my Twitter profile, I can simply encourage my subscribers to follow me on Twitter, since that’s where I will be mentioning efforts across multiple platforms, not just Hive.

OK, planning done. On to writing.

Step 2: Take action from Step 1 Planning.

Time to write my broadcast email to my adboard subscribers.

When I write, I do an outline first so I have some direction, then I write, then cut out as much as I can until I feel it’s more lean.

Here’s what I have come up with for today, and what I sent to my subscribers:

Hi all.

Rob Willmann here from FreeAds.Club. 

As part of the #ctpcontent 30-day challenge, I'm investing my time and effort into growing our presence on Twitter.

I've had my account for a while, and have not done much with it.... until now. :)

Would you be so kind as to follow me on Twitter? My address is:

I'll be updating that account daily with my efforts on the Hive blockchain, my AutoResponder efforts, and more. 

I'd love to hear how I can help YOU with your own efforts to promote your business. Engage me on Twitter and let's grow together!

Thanks so much,

-Rob Willmann

Step 3: Document and re-use.

I use Joplin for my editing and write everything in markdown. All of this is saved to the cloud so I can’t lose it in case there’s a problem.

I also save my email body copy into a separate folder so I can re-use it if needed.

Re-use also means reusing this post here as something to announce on Twitter and Noise.Cash. (Optional from what’s on the calendar but worth it and it only takes moments)

It’s similar to using screenshots of Twitter or Hive.

Wrap-Up: #ctpcontent works.


At this point I’ve met my daily goal and seen a marked improvement in Twitter already.

I expect my next post won’t be as long since I won’t have to explain the two autoresponder lead magnets with the two adboards. 🙂

What’s YOUR next move to +1 your way up? Leave a comment below and let me know!

That’s it!

Cya tomorrow!


Here’s my original post with my calendar. #ctpcontent

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