Day 4: Reduce your autoresponder links to 1


Today was a bit of inception. I was trying to think of how to publish a blogpost and have it go to my subscribers and the contents of the blog post be ABOUT writing to my subscribers.


Too much. Easier: stick to the plan, and write an email. OK. Do-able.

In order to re-use my 3Steps.Today domain for this and really put some life into my site, I am breaking down each day into 3 parts:

Step 1: Review Plan of Attack and Today’s Calendar. Think.
Step 2: Take action from Step 1 Planning.
Step 3: Document and re-use.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Review Plan of Attack and Today’s Calendar. Think.

Today’s calendar says to “Email broadcast adboard #1“.

I own two adboards, and the first one is Freeads.Club.

I need to define the results of what I expect to happen when I email my adboard members.

Per what I’ve planned prior, Email Broadcast =

LeadsLeap broadcast email to subscribers on respective list.


That means I can take screenshots of my broadcast as content. We’ll call these LeadsLeap broadcast screenshots. I can screenshot the broadcast in my LeadsLeap account when I am done.

In order to get broadcasts to happen, I have LeadsLeap set to pick up changes to my 3Steps.Today RSS feed. Therefore I have to write a blog post in order for the Blog to Broadcast feature to kick in.

Sure, I could just write this directly to my subscribers and be done with it, but why?

I will get more traffic from having my article go out in different venues. I link to the original so there’s no worry about people thinking I plagiarize when you can just read what I publish. 🙂

Sounds like a winner to me: Write 1 blog post, publish it, and it goes to Hive and my subscriber base from my autoresponder. Track it all with distinct tracking links, and we have a winner.

Since I know Step 3 is to re-use material, I can do a manual post of the same material to my other list tomorrow.

Plan established. Time to…..

^ Screenshot of the email I sent to my ad folks.

Step 2: Take action from Step 1 Planning.

Right. Time for action.

My plan above includes logistics, but not content. 🙂 That’s for a reason.

I separate them, so I can write the content separate from the logistics of how it’s promoted. If it’s good evergreen stuff, then I can use it in a number of places.

IF I do this right, and if I know my customer avatar, then I know what I want to write. Here’s the broadcast that I sent to freeAds.Club mailing list:

Heya, It's Rob Willmann from FreeAds.Club.

I recently created a free PDF  

"5 Tips To Better Results with Your AutoResponder"

I wrote that to help my subscribers

get the most out of their autoresponders.

Even better, there's a free e-course I am writing called:

"Rob Willmann's AutoResponder Secrets"

In my new list, I go through the steps I use to

maximize the engagement on my lists.

These are my own test results that I share.

I'd love for your to nab your own copy of my free pdf.

Click here to download "5 Tips To Better Results with Your AutoResponder"
There's a link inside the pdf where you can sign up for
my new list.
Thanks so much!
-Rob Willmann co-owner of

This continued focus on one autoresponder list, only a couple of social media platforms, and a steady stream of output is winning.

Step 3: Document and re-use.

Done. I take screenshots and save my raw posts in MarkDown. I try to re-use what I can.

What did YOU do to promote your brand today? Leave a comment below and let me know!

That’s it!

Cya tomorrow!


Here’s my original post with my calendar.

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