Quality content with the RIGHT tags attracts votes like flowers attract bees.


[Note: I originally posted this on Hive blockchain, and have subsequently moved the article here to my 3Steps.Today site.

Quality content attracts votes like flowers attract bees.

I have two accounts:

  • @robwillmann – my main account that I first joined Hive with, and my main token holder.
  • @threesteps – my curation account where I upvote quality material on the blockchain.

I really like giving upvotes to quality posts, and doing curation like this has really taken off. My curation rewards are increasing the more I do this and stake it all (duh.)

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while, and after a discussion about this in the CTP Telegram group, I decided to work on this for a bit:

Curation and rewards increase when you pick the best tags.


If you think of tags as reaching communities of people (real people), then imagine each tag is a tribe is a community. If you do it right:

tag = tribe = community = people

Imagine a diagram of circles where each circle is a tribe and they use a specific tag:


The ‘sweet spot’ is where the best content:reward happens. By writing quality content that would be of interest to different tribes, you can use multiple tags and generate more eyes on your content.

Some tribes (CTP, PoB, Alive, etc.) even reward in their own tokens and have a front-end blog platform for the hive blockchain. (Examples: https://ctptalk.com, https://proofofbrain.io, https://www.wearealiveand.social, etc.)

Writing posts that include these tribe’s tags can earn you their tokens.

That means one way to approach this is to write content about something that would appeal to multiple tribes, then tag your content appropriately with the right tags for those communities.

Notice what I didn’t do.

I didn’t say arbitrarily tag your stuff with community tags just because there are people in that community. Use appropriate tags. This also prevents downvotes on your stuff.

Cool ideas and tag combinations for the win!

There’s so many diverse communities on Hive, it’s really easy to get distracted. I only have time to look at a few things so I don’t stretch myself too thin (and thanks to @jongolson for pointing that out to me).

With that said, here’s some things I am trying to help get good content out there and earn some tokens in the process. (Note: Think Zen-like tag picking. Pair some wine, folks.)


1. Publish Actifit reports via Actifit App & Tag with #alive + #iamalivechallenge

I just started walking 5K steps a day. I leverage Actifit on my walks and then post after I have the requisite 5K steps in. This earns me AFIT tokens.

I also just started the role of List Master for Erik G.’s (@flaxz) #IAmAliveChallenge and ebook. (More on this later.) Since this challenge celebrates being alive, and I feel most alive when I am doing a brisk walk I liked the idea of putting these two together.

Actifit mobile App puts #hive-193552 (the actifit community) and #actifit in the posts.

I can live with that. I’ve started walking, posting with the app, and adding my #IamAliveChallenge hashtags in there.

Because I believe in personal branding, I am also using #leadbyexample and tagging a lot of my stuff with that. That brings my tags to:

  • #actifit
  • #sportstalk
  • #hive-193552
  • #IAmAliveChallenge
  • #Alive

2. Write on Leo or CTP and reference their tokens. Tag with #ctp and #leofinance

This is a win.

In this combo, you write about CTP tokens and tag with #leofinance. This works because of the combined interest in cryptocurrency. You can largely do this in the other direction as well, and write about Leo Finance related crypto stuff and tag with #ctp since CTP has training on how to leverage Hive crypto.

I see folks doing this one quite a bit. With this method you can add a couple of other tags as well.

The entire point here is that you can really leverage other communities and tokens to build relationships and stack crypto related to the tag and community if you do it right.

Tags I use with my posts.

  • #proofofbrain I love their community. Dislike their frontend tag pickiness. (won’t allow tags starting with a number when other frontends do.) Earns POB tokens.
  • #leofinance – When I write about crypto, I use this one. Earns LEO.
  • #ctp – my bread and butter. I am an active part of the ClickTrackProfit tribe. I stake and hold their tokens. Earns CTP tokens.
  • #alive – I’ve recentlt started using this one on my #actifit reports (See above) to raise awareness of the token and group. Earns Alive tokens. Also #IAmAliveChallenge is another one you see used for this token and daily posting.
  • #threestepstoday – I am building this one around my site, https://thresteps.today as a way to build my brand. Earns no tokens but builds my brand.

Including hive crpto itself, that meas I stack: Hive, CTP, LEO, PoB, Alive, AFIT. Maybe not all in the same post, but often times I will use several of those, depending on the post.

What’s YOUR tags of choice and why?

I hope @elianaicgomes posts on this one and includes the link for the tag infographic. hint hint.

I’d love to hear how you leverage different communities and tokens in your post. I am sure there’s a lot of different combinations available.

Peace and love,


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