Day 4: Reduce your autoresponder links to 1

Today was a bit of inception. I was trying to think of how to publish a blogpost and have it go to my subscribers and the contents of the blog post be ABOUT writing to my subscribers. Huh? Too much. Easier: stick to the plan, and write an email. OK. Do-able. In order to re-use … Read more

Day 2 of ctpcontent and I already see results on Twitter

Twitter Screnshot August 17 2021

Day 2 of the #ctpcontent challenge and I already see results on Twitter Alright. It’s Day 2. What’s changed? Me. I’ve changed. How? I already I log in to Twitter more. (I’d love it if you checked out my RobWillmann2 profile here) I updatedrefreshed my headerprofile info to: I do fun metrics and IT by … Read more

Quality content with the RIGHT tags attracts votes like flowers attract bees.

[Note: I originally posted this on Hive blockchain, and have subsequently moved the article here to my 3Steps.Today site. Quality content attracts votes like flowers attract bees. I have two accounts: @robwillmann – my main account that I first joined Hive with, and my main token holder. @threesteps – my curation account where I upvote … Read more

#3StepsToday – I should leave more comments if I want more comments

Batman and Robin disagree on curation

  Note: This article is published on the Hive blockchain here: – Rob. I cover this more extensively below in step 3 today, but writing comments is the hidden gem of curation that we can all do. By leaving comments instead of just posts, we build our brand and breathe life into the posts of … Read more

New @ThreeSteps created on Hive to upvote #3StepsNoExcuses Quality Content

Create Quality Content about #3StepsNoExcuses and receive upvotes. There’s a new account on Hive: @ThreeSteps Whenever you create quality content on CTPTalk or Hive and include the #3StepsNoExcuses hashtag, you can expect this account to upvote you and possibly comment. My goal with this account is to encourage my fellow Hive\CTP bloggers to write good … Read more