Day 4: Reduce your autoresponder links to 1

Today was a bit of inception. I was trying to think of how to publish a blogpost and have it go to my subscribers and the contents of the blog post be ABOUT writing to my subscribers. Huh? Too much. Easier: stick to the plan, and write an email. OK. Do-able. In order to re-use … Read more

Day 2 of ctpcontent and I already see results on Twitter

Twitter Screnshot August 17 2021

Day 2 of the #ctpcontent challenge and I already see results on Twitter Alright. It’s Day 2. What’s changed? Me. I’ve changed. How? I already I log in to Twitter more. (I’d love it if you checked out my RobWillmann2 profile here) I updatedrefreshed my headerprofile info to: I do fun metrics and IT by … Read more